Read-It Club

“The more that you read, the more things you will know,” revered children’s author Dr. Seuss once said. “The more that you learn,” he continued, “the more places you’ll go.”       read-it-mouse

Books take us to new places, to new experiences. Reading is part of virtually every part of our lives, from textbooks to biographies to great novels.

Because every kid deserves the chance to read, KIND is proud to now offer Jeremy’s Read-It-Club, with special incentives for young readers to become voracious readers.

So how does it work? Our goal for the year (October 16, 2017, through May 1, 2018) is for elementary school students to read 10 or more age-appropriate books. They can read independently, have books read aloud to them or read with a buddy. When your student finishes reading each book he or she fills out a Read-It Club journal (which we distribute to teachers), including the book title, author, information about characters and a few sentences about the book’s plot. Of course, kindergarten and first grade students can dictate to a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian sign off on each book read. When your student finishes reading all 10 books and completes the Read-It Club journals, the package goes back to the student’s teacher.

Students who complete the Read-It Club program will each receive a t-shirt, a water bottle and many other prizes.

If you are interested in getting your elementary school involved in the program, please mention it to your child’s teacher or contact Jeremy at

Sample Read-It-Club documents

Parent Letter – Bilingual 2017-2018

Teacher Letter – 2017-2018

Yes, I Want to Join – Bilingual – 2017-2018