How KIND Works

kind-logoKIND develops partnerships with public schools in Montgomery County, MD, working with principals and counselors to establish the program and recruit staff members who will help deliver food each week.

KIND representatives keep in touch with school staff members, to monitor inventory.

Every six weeks, KIND mobilizes its volunteer workforce to make a trip to a local store, where they purchase, and then transport, carloads full of non-perishable food to schools.

Items may include black beans, canned tuna, oatmeal, breakfast bars, popcorn, soup, pasta, fruit cups, and more.

School personnel, volunteers, and students come together to stuff the bags and prepare them to discretely drop into kids’ backpacks. No one who works with KIND knows the names of any of the kids it serves.

KIND is nearly an all-volunteer organization, with only one part-time paid administrative position. In KIND’s most recent completed fiscal year, 85.2% of all the money spent was spent directly on the programs for the kids.